Here at Peaceful Pups Dog Bakery, we believe that everyone, even dogs, should live a cruelty-free, all-natural lifestyle, just like his or her owners! Why feed your dogs processed treats that have been sitting on the store shelves for weeks, if you could nurture them and look out for the planet as well? That’s why at Peaceful Pups we make all-natural, organic VEGETARIAN barley biscuits from the RECYCLED malted barley used in the home brew process and REUSED to make healthy snacks for your pet!

The barley is generously donated from a local Denton, TX home brewery (and also happens to be my neighbor), Perception Brewing. When you mix LOCAL, homemade products, it’s a win for everyone, including our precious mother earth. Our ingredients are the best we can find in Denton, TX. We have chosen the freshest herbs, fruits, and vegetables which will help with your dogs overall health and wellness, creating a healthy, happy, and peaceful pup! Ingredients like the extract of lavender is known to have a calming effect and help with pain and depression. The fresh ginger we use in our apple- ginger biscuits aid in the digestive process and can calm an upset tummy. Fresh mint and parsley can help your dog have naturally better breath! Check out our homemade treats, which you can purchase online and will be shipped fresh from the oven in 2-3 business days.

Also, please read the information about creating a vegetarian lifestyle for your dog, including tips and recipes you can utilize at home. What you learn may surprise you! Lastly, peruse through my blog for some fun activities you can do with your co-pilot to follow a cruelty, free, peaceful lifestyle- for yourself, your dog, and your world. The more you can do with your pup to create a peaceful environment full of love and grace around you can only result in a journey towards being a more enlightened and fulfilled human being.

In Terra Pax.